Abrasive brush: excellent deburring and finishing tool

  • February 23, 2016
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Abrasive brush: excellent deburring and finishing tool

When the concern circulates around conferring mechanical finishing tasks such as Deburring, De-fuzzing, surface refinement & conditioning and many similar activities, abrasive brush come as the most eligible choice. Specifically designed as a finishing tool, these brushes own the unique character of cutting down the filament tips. Technically, the tools are made with heat stabilized nylon filament which is composed of the abrasive grains that cover-up the surface of the brush filament. During application, an abrasive action occurs on both the tip and sides of the nylon filament. While applying the brush, its lateral surface is made drawn on the work surface thereby allowing nylon filament to begin the work functioning through a flexible abrasive file.

While configuring the abrasive brush, special attention is being focused on the composition of the filaments. A balanced proportion of heat stabilized nylon and abrasive grains are coextruded into monofilament brushes that results in low-weight flexible and homogenous abrasive brushes. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and diamond are the other common abrasives used in the summation of the brushes.


The filaments used in the nylon tools are available in a wide variety conferring filament diameters, grain types, grain sizes and loadings. The nylon filament diameter responds directly to the grain size. It implies that if the grain size increases, it helps in the rise of the filament diameter. To bind the large abrasive grains, large filament diameter is needed and vice versa. The tools that owns large filament diameter are less flexible and prone to face the fatigue and fracture of the tool during application.

Application of the abrasive tools comes with a limitation of not to be run faster to avoid overheating and material transference. These tools are perfectly suited for light deburring and finishing of irregular profiles. For smooth internal surface finishing, excellent deburring solutions and threaded internal finishing, you can count upon the Abrasive brush @ www.ambikabrush.com.
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