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Spiral Brush

Spiral Brushes

Ambika Enterprises is a most trusted name for Spiral Brush in India. Spiral Brushes act as the most effective type of cylindrical brush. Its high density provides unmatched performance to cylinder brush. Industrial Spiral Brush can be mounted at any desired density. As it is understood from names itself, that it is Spiral in shape. This Spiral Shape metal cage coil brush is available in various sizes. Ambika Enterprises are engaged in manufacturing spiral brush with Inner Diameter- 19mm to 250mm & Outer Dia – 75mm to 350mm. Ambika Enterprises is Also producing INSIDE SPIRAL BRUSH with Inner Diameter 2mm to 300mm & Outer Diameter of 32mm to 400mm. Most of OEM trusts only Ambika Enterprises for its Best Quality Spiral Brush. Overseas Clients are also purchasing Spiral Brush from Ambika Enterprises. Spiral Brush is the best solution for different process like Spreading, Dampening, Spraying, and Cleaning. Spiral brush is replacing all other substitute for cleaning because of its high density. Basic cylindrical brush can provide limited density of Bristle .But Spiral Brush can provide excellent density. Its density not only improves performance but also provide long lasting life. Ambika Enterprises always believe in providing best available quality at most reasonable cost. Latest technologies of manufacturing had proved Ambika Enterprises as pioneer in overseas market as well as local market.


  1. High density for most effective performance.
  2. Long lasting Life.
  3. Can be Install at different pitches for desired function.
  4. Various optional materials for base & bristle
  5. Versatile performance Mild Cleaning, Heavy Cleaning, Scrubbing, Spreading, Spraying, grading, Polishing, Degreasing, Deburring, Sanding etc


  1. Length of Spiral Brush available from 5mm to 1900mm.
  2. Center shaft is also available for spiral brush. Non standard dimensions are also available
  3. ā€˜Uā€™ Shape width for spiral brush available from 5mm to 12mm
  4. Inner Diameter is available from 32mm to 250mm (If ordered without shaft)
  5. Material for base ā€“ Coated Mid Steel, Stainless Steel
  6. Outer Diameter available from 65mm to 500mm
  7. Type of Bristle or Brush Strings- Nylon, Polypropylene, Natural Fibers, PVC, Animal Hair, Steel Wire (Th 0.15mm), S.S Wire (Th 0.15mm), Brass Wire (Th 0.15mm) etc.
  8. Above mentioned Bristle are available in different thickness to obtain Soft or Hard effect.
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