Abrasive Brushes

Abrasive Brushes

Industrial Abrasive Brush

Ambika Enterprises manufacture multi-functional Abrasive Brush. These brushes are designed to adapt with the times as most manual operations are rapidly being replaced by automatic equipments such as: robotics, CNC machines, Special machinery and flexible cells. These brushes are specifically designed for mechanical finishing task. It can process both external & internal surface areas on a wide variety of material such as: alloys, plastics, composites, advance composites, ceramic, wood, leather etc. Abrasive brushes are made with heat stabilized nylon monofilament impregnated with Silicon Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic or Polycrystalline Diamond Grit. Grit loading ranges from 10%-40% by weight, offering a wide variety of filament Choices.


Bend Recovery80%
Melting Point210C (410F)
CoolantPH Between2-9
Absorbtion at 50%RH1.30%
Absorbtion at 100% RH2.80%


Abrasive Brushes are specifically designed for mechanical finishing task such as: Deburring, Sharp Edge Removal, Raduising, Edge Contouring, De-Fuzzing, Surface Refinement & Conditioning, Plateau Finishing, Blending Imperfections, Reduction of Surface Stresess, Micro Crack Propagation, Degreasing, Cleaning, Polishing and Surface Wiping.

Ambika Enterprises Manufacture Abrasive brush in three Configuration.

Abrasive Disc Brushes

Shape of Disc Brush makes it Ideal for CNC machine center, robot cells and stationery finishing machines. It is highly efficient brush to remove burrs for same plane, polish uniform surface, surface wiping etc.

Abrasive Wheel Brush

Abrasive Wheel Brush provides multi -directional finishing. Ambika Enterprises manufacture Abrasive Wheel Brush with full range of diameters. We offer Abrasive wheel brushes with all type of silicon oxide filaments. The circumferential edge or face of abrasive Wheel Brush keeps focus on targeted area of work.

Abrasive Cylindrical Spiral Brush

Abrasive Cylindrical Brushes are designed to be operated for large areas. These brushes provide wide operational face for Conveyers, Sheet and Coils. Abrasive Spiral Brush installed without gaps makes it Abrasive Cylindrical Brush. We offer full range of Abrasive Cylindrical/Spiral Brush with diameters from 75-400mm and length from 50mm to 3000mm.