Deburring Brush

Deburring Brush


Ambika Enterprises manufacture various type of Deburring Brush. These brushes are successfully adapted by automation industries to remove fine burrs. Burr is basically an unwanted thin layer of metal, which develops during various machining operation. These Burrs can be removed by multi-functional Abrasive Brushes, Hard Wire Brushes, Soft wire brushes or Nylon Brushes. These brushes are also known as Deburring Brush. Deburring brushes are specifically designed for mechanical finishing task. It can De burr both external & internal surface areas on a wide variety of material such as: alloys, plastics, composites, advance composites, ceramic, wood, leather etc.

Abrasive brushes are made with heat stabilized nylon monofilament impregnated with Silicon Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic or Polycrystalline Diamond Grit. Grit loading ranges from 10%-40% by weight, offering a wide variety of filament Choices. Wire Brush is made of hard metallic wire Or Soft metallic wire. Various Optional metal are available for Wire Deburring Brush. Nylon Bristle De Burring Brush is used for extra soft materials.


  1. Deburring brushes are the most efficient tool to remove burrs.
  2. It reduces use of manpower for removing burrs.
  3. Deburring by use of brush is a scratch less process.
  4. Custom Design De Burring Brush can be designed for any specific requirements.
  5. Various optional shapes available like, Disc Shape, Wheel Shape, and Cylindrical Shape.
  6. Various optional fill material available like Abrasive Filaments, Hard metal wire, Soft metal wire, Nylon bristles.


  1. Cylindrical Shape De burring Brush Roller available With Shaft and without Shaft.
  2. Outer Diameter available from 100mm to 600mm.
  3. Inner Diameter available from 15mm onwards
  4. Length or Width of Cylindrical De burring brush available from 15mm to 2800mm.
  5. Disc Type Deburring Brushes available from 4’’ Diameter to 24’’ Diameter with optional bristle.
  6. Type of Bristle or Brush Strings-Abrasive Filament, Nylon, Steel Wire, S.S Wire, Brass Wire etc.