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Customized Brush

Customized Brush

We manufacture a wide range of industrial customized brushes. Brush can be custom designed for various functions like Mild Cleaning, Heavy Cleaning, Scrubbing, Spreading, Spraying, grading, Polishing, Degreasing, Deburring, Sanding etc. Customized brushes are designed for special industrial requirement. Various types of fill materials are available for perfect match for each customized brush. Regardless of task to be performed, we are having comprehensive range of fill material available. Latest & new innovative Ideas are implemented to design customized brush. Experienced technicians are employed to maintain high quality Standards in customized brush at Ambika Enterprises. Latest technologies of manufacturing had proved Ambika Enterprises as pioneer in overseas market as well as local market.


1. Dedicated team for continuous R &D of customised brush to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
2. Long lasting Life to make cost effective customised brush.
3. Customised brush is designed to make it easy to Handle & Install.
4. Various Optional Material for base & Bristle of Conveyer Brush.
5. Optional Density for effectiveness.

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