Flat Brushes

Flat Brushes


We make high-quality Flat Brush which are specifically designed for diverse applications such as industrial and domestic. Flat Brushes are made with premium quality materials and this is the reason they last long, apart from delivering results every time. Intelligent design and the high-quality raw materials of flat brushes suppliers make it suitable for all types of Industries.

These brushes are designed to make it suitable for any desired task. Different types of bristles or brush fills and different base materials are available to make JK Door Brush economical. It can go on for years without getting damaged. These are basic brush available in the market for hand cleaning, but we can provide you any customized size with suitable bristle or brush fill.


  1. Most commonly available brush for Light Cleaning, Sealing, Wiping, Dust Protection etc.
  2. Flat Brushes can fit in any compact area.
  3. Easily Installation
  4. Long lasting Life
  5. Various optional materials for base & bristle.


  1. Width available from 5mm to 1000mm
  2. Length of these brush available up to 2800mm
  3. Material for Base –Wood, HDPE, PVC, Plastic, Nylon, Aluminum etc.
  4. Density of bristle is optional as LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH.
  5. Type of Bristle or Brush Strings- Nylon, Polypropylene, PVC, PET, PVC, Animal Hair,
    Steel Wire (Th 0.15mm), S.S Wire (Th 0.15mm), Brass Wire (Th 0.15mm) etc.
  6. Flat Brushes with Custom Sizes can be manufactured


Ambika Enterprises for its Best Quality Flat Brushes. Overseas Clients are also purchasing JK Door Brushes from Ambika Enterprises. Ambika Enterprises always believe in providing the best available quality at most reasonable cost. Latest technologies of manufacturing had proved Ambika Enterprises as pioneer in overseas market as well as local market. Contact us today and get the best deal in the industry in India.