Scrubbing Brush

Scrubbing Brush


We are manufacturing top quality Scrubbing Brush for Industrial, Professional Domestic Use. We at Ambika Enterprises produce high performance Scrubbing Industrial Brushes for worldwide users. These Brushes are tested to ensure optimal functionality. Scrubbing could be done on any desired surface. Disc Brush, Cylindrical Brush & Circular Brush can be used by the help of designed machine for scrubbing. Hand Scrubbing brushes Suppliers are offered with latest designs. Special purpose Scrub brush India can also be produces as per client’s requirement.

Scrubbing Brush is developed by Ambika Enterprises for Cooperation with machines to achieve desired Scrubbing targets. Experienced technicians are employed to maintain high quality Standards at Ambika Enterprises. Raw materials of the best quality are selected for Scrubbing Brushes to provide the Constant high quality in that Brush by Ambika Enterprises. Various types of fill materials are available for perfect match for each type of Scrubbing Application, meeting all the requirements in regard of functionality & efficiency. Regardless of the task to be performed, we are having a comprehensive range of fill material available. Abrasive Filaments are also available for excellent scrubbing and finishing.


  1. Most effective way of effective floor cleaning by scrubbing brush.
  2. Special purpose scrubbing brushes can also be designed for any special scrubbing requirement.
  3. Scrubbing brushes available in Cylindrical Shape, Rotary Shape, and Disc Shape.
  4. Hand scrubbing Brushes are available with latest designs.
  5. Custom Design Hand brush can be manufactured for bulk requirements.
  6. Various optional materials for base & bristle.


  1. Material for Base –Wood, HDPE, PVC, Plastic, Nylon, Aluminum etc.
  2. Density of bristle is optional as LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH.
  3. Type of Bristle or Brush Strings-Nylon, Polypropylene, PVC, PET, PVC, Animal Hair, Abrasive
    Filaments, Steel Wire (Th 0.15mm), S.S Wire (Th 0.15mm), Brass Wire (Th 0.15mm) etc.
  4. Scrubbing Brushes with Custom Sizes can be manufactured
  5. Optional accessories available for fitment in various machines