Strip Brush

Strip Brush


Strip brushes manufactured by Ambika Enterprises is the first choice of engineers. Bus Door Brush -the versatile quality of Industrial Strip Brush manufactured by Ambika Enterprise gives excellent performance at economical cost. These Brushes are manufactured to meet the appropriate requirement of Industries. It can be used to seal the gaps. The high density of Bristle in Strip brush makes it perform as Wiper on soft surfaces. We supply the smallest quantity to the largest quantity Strip Brushes in different cut lengths as required. All the standard sizes of ‘U’ Channel are available and provide a long list of fill material available.


  1. Unmatched Quality for filling gaps.
  2. Long lasting Life.
  3. Different holders available to make it easy to install.
  4. Various optional materials for base & bristle
  5. Versatile performance in Sealing, Cleaning Grooves, Wiping etc


  1. Available with holder & without holder.
  2. Holder available in ‘h’ shape in any Length
  3. ‘U’ Shape width available from 3.5mm to 10mm
  4. Length of Strip Brush available from 10mm to 3000mm
  5. Material for base – Coated Mid Steel
  6. Height of Bristle is optional from 10mm to 150mm
  7. Type of Bristle or Brush Strings- Nylon, Polypropylene, Natural Fibres, PVC, Animal Hair,
    Steel Wire (Th 0.15mm), S.S Wire(Th 0.15mm), Brass Wire(Th 0.15mm) etc.
  8. Above mentioned Bristle are available in different thickness to obtain Soft or Hard effect.


We are one of the leading strip brushes manufacturer supplier & wholesaler, propounding out-of-the-box creations in terms of offering quality oriented brushes for various industrial purposes. The industrial strip brushes designed by our specialized professionals will cater to the growing needs of industrial applications posting different characteristics and shapes.

We possess an unmatched collection of nylon strip brush to suit varied requirements raised by the customers. The brushes are used to bring in effective gap sealing and weatherstrip sealing. Our experienced designers own proficiency in customizing a wide variety of strip industrial brushes and made them available for the client’s satisfaction in several styles, sizes and shapes.