Improve Performance of Industrial Product by Instilling Flexible Strip Brushes

  • February 28, 2017
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Improve Performance of Industrial Product by Instilling Flexible Strip Brushes

For heavy and delicate machinery you need maintenance and care for smooth functioning of industrial production. Nowadays there are a lot of products in market but the need is for quality and economical product which Flexible Strip Brush offer. It solves various problems in industrial production environment. These Brushes are flexible in size, designs, and configuration & are customized as per the need of end user. These unique features make it easy to handle, carry and store which improves the performance of industrial product. Strip Brushes are made of different material and accordingly are used for different purposes.

      1. Steel strip Brush: steel wire is used in product which works perfectly on steel and iron products. It offers high fatigue life & durable action.
      2. Stainless steel strip Brush: this Brush is made of stainless steel and are generally used for aluminium and stainless steel products. It can be used in high moisture & humid working environment.
      3. Brass strip Brush: it is a metal structure element filled with Brass wire. It is softer than steel wire so in action will not scratch other metals.
      4. Bronze strip Brush: Bronze wire is hard which gives it strength. It will not create spark & used in hazardous environment.
      5. Nylon strip Brush: it has excellent fatigue life &Bend recovery and can be used with any common solvent. It is often used as a seal to equipment.
      6. Polyester strip Brush: it is a cheaper product and softer in use. It is resistant to moderate strength of acid and solvents.

These brushes offer a range of applications such as cable management, cleaning heavy machinery, product separation, resistance to corrosion, Shield against dust, light, sound, air and Seal cover for doors & machinery. The strip brushes for sealing are widely used n the industries to provide seals to the doors and windows.

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