Multi-Functional Abrasive Brush to Suit Industries Growing Requirements

  • March 24, 2017
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Multi-Functional Abrasive Brush to Suit Industries Growing Requirements

Abrasive brushes comes with the feature to empower the deburring, edge blending and surface finishing tasks initialized in the industrial processes. The brush process with the abrasive grit functionality engraved into the filaments. The cutting action of the filaments is loaded with heated nylon and abrasive grains that are encapsulated with other materials such as silicon oxide, aluminum and others. These filaments when incorporated with different grit sizes perform various tasks such as control finishing, cleaning, deburring and many others.

Abrasive Brushes The abrasive brushes are gaining prominence in the industrial sector on account of most manual operational activities are being replaced by the high-end mechanical supporters in the form of CNC machinery, flexible cells, special machinery and robotics. Seeking the growing requirement of the industrial applications, Abrasive brushes come in variety of configurations.

Here are Some Configurations: Abrasive Disc brush: For CNC machinery, robotic cells, and stationary finishing machinery, this abrasive disc brush poses the real-time requirement. The brush is designed to suit the cleaning requirement of the machines that carry same plane or uniform surfaces. This type of brush is highly efficient for cleaning and removing the burr from the wiping surfaces and to polish uniform surfaces also.

Abrasive Wheel brush: When it comes to multi-functional cleaning requirement, the abrasive brush in wheel configuration fills up the exact demand. This type of brush offers a linear brushing path. Its circumferential edge or can say face carrying the silicon oxide filaments helps in focusing on the targeted area of the surface. This brush owes the ability to perform functions such as deburring, removal of coating and surface preparations without affecting the underlying surface anymore.

Abrasive Cylindrical Spiral brush: For industrial needs covering large areas such as conveyors, coils and sheets, Abrasive cylindrical brush pose the exact solution. Before any subsequent application of coating is applied on the large areas, the cylindrical brush does the needful of scrubbing the wide surfaces.

Ambika Enterprises takes into account the growing requirement of the industrial cleaning applications and offers the widest range of abrasive brush at budget friendly prices.

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