Precision Engineered Abrasive Brushes Are The Best Choice

  • May 9, 2016
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Precision Engineered Abrasive Brushes Are The Best Choice

Ambika enterprise is known for manufacturing the best of all varieties of brushes for multiple uses in industrial applications. The abrasive brush designed by them is targeting to replace the old manual operations performed by new automatic equipment. The main task performed by the brushes is mechanical finishing. To perform the same, the abrasive brushes undergoes a precision engineering process that infuse the nylon monofilament with silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, ceramic grains and diamond grit and offers a wide variety of filament choices. The process leads towards easy integration of the brush into running automated machinery, transfer lines, robotic cells, CNC machining centers, other specialized machinery and also power hand tools.

The brushes are designed with strong filaments that are heat and stress resistant and offer a longer life to the brushes and a lot more comfort on the irregular surfaces. The filaments comes with 80% of bend recovery that allows turns at various angles offering optimal performance on a variety of complex shapes. The brush diameter available ranges between 75-400mm depending upon the brush type.

The brushes are featured with self-sharpening abrasive filament with extreme point endurance and improved fracturing properties that entails into faster cutting and finishing throughout its life, thereby making it best for automated applications in the industry. Ambika enterprises manufacture the brushes in different configuration to suit several requirements of industrial applications. For example, abrasive wheel brushes are idea for multi-directional finishing. They help in cleaning, polishing and deburring recessed areas.

Disk brushes are ideal for edge radiusing. They can remove the rust, scale contaminants, scrub, and even blend tool marks. Also, these brushes are ideal for applying decorating finishes and perform the polishing task.
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