Seal Brush: Impressive Role in Sealing Gaps

  • May 26, 2016
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Seal Brush: Impressive Role in Sealing Gaps

As the name suggest, Seal Brushes performs the wholesome function of sealing gaps in various applications. It is the sealing instrument that conforms to bridge the irregularities between uneven surfaces in the applications without disturbing the movement of other moving parts of the application. The brushes offers a comprehensive approach with its frictionless seal that attempts to lock light, air, sound, vapor, dust or other contaminants from entering the reserved area.

Seal Brush is made available in several types including strip brush, flat brush and chanel brush. These brushes can be used in number of applications, like; weather seals, sound control, dust control, conveyor sealing or system gaps, overhead conveyor seals, airflow control and many others. They can be used either in visual displays in retail stores, gear shifts and desk grommets or can also be used in storage units and food processing units.

The seal brush is mounted on the application performing as a flexible guard against dust, haze, light and heat into the operation point. Many times, the brush is used as a static reduction device, an applicator of dry and wet coverings and also as a duster that is used to remove the loose material. Mounted with a conveyor line, this instrument can easily redirect a moving product and wipe off the loose debris away. Considering its bristles type, the device can flexibly perform the duty of moving a product without causing any damage.

The seal brush is manufactured with a mix of bristle material to perform multiple functions. Like, a mix of nylon and fine brass wire helps in removing dust and reducing static. Also, thin metal foil is mated with to act as a solid barrier along with the brushing action.

Seal brushes are known for offering versatile performance in both its hard and soft effect.
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