Types of Technical Industrial Brushes

  • February 17, 2018
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Types of Technical Industrial Brushes

Industrial brushes come in various shapes, styles and sizes with custom bristles and handles to meet the market needs. Expert craftsmen design and manufacture these customized brushes of superior quality to perform specific tasks. They can be cylindrical, twisted, hand held, strip or block form of brushes. They are generally known by the task name they perform e.g. Power brush, Rotary brush, Abrasive brush, Scratch brush and so on. Now let’s understand the technicalities of a few important types of Industrial Brushes.

Roller Brushes: Roller Brushes are mostly custom designed to perform specific tasks e.g. brush with interchangeable helical strips can clean difficult areas and also let out the discharge material easily. Since they are effective in roller cleaning and have long functional life, they are used in many industries like textile, pharmaceutical, steel plants etc.

Cylindrical Brushes: These cylindrical shaped brushes are manufactured according to customer specifications and come in a wide range of length and diameter with different types of bristle material like brass steel, nylon, silicon etc. Their application is more the floor cleaning, food processing and printing industries.

Strip Brushes: Strip brush filaments can be synthetic, metallic, animal, vegetable, and textile or mixed. Their sizes vary from 3*3mm to 12*12mm base material. These linear robust brushes have long life and are used for sealing doors, escalators, cable ducts etc.

Spiral Brushes: The internal diameter of Spiral brushes is designed keeping in mind the latest industry trends or the specifications given by the customer. These strong and sturdy brushes can be either strip free or joined at the center depending on its application. They are generally used for scrubbing, dusting, cleaning, polishing and finishing all types of surfaces.

Disc Brush: These Disc brushes are designed with precision by inserting the filament bristles into frames made of wood, plastic or metal. Disc brushes come in shapes like round and are mostly used for cleaning and finishing.

Nylon Brushes: Nylon brushes come in different shapes and sizes and have abrasive filaments based on their chemical resistance and abrasion factors. They are easy to handle and are durable in nature which gives a good finish to tasks.

The above mentioned are some of the commonly used brushes to give you a good insight of the brush industry and help you decide exactly what kind of brush you need to perform a task perfectly.

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